The show of the Italian Canadair on the Danube in Vienna – Trentino AA / S

Two CL-415s collaborate in extinguishing a forest fire

Austria says “Thank you” to Italy for having contributed in recent days with two Canadair to extinguish a large forest fire, which broke out on the slopes of the Rax south of Vienna. The intervention for the largest fire ever recorded in Austria was particularly complex due to its extension and the fact that a large part of Vienna’s drinking water comes from the Rax mountain range. “For this reason, no additives were used to extinguish the flames”, Commander Aldo Argenton told ANSA.
After the OK in Brussels, which coordinates international interventions, two CL-415s of Babcock Italia, the company that manages the Canadair owned by the Fire Brigade, took off from Ciampino to Vienna.
“This type of intervention is now proven,” says Argenton. In fact, Italian aircraft have already intervened from Portugal to Spain, from Sweden to Greece. The peculiarity of this time was the refueling on a Danube canal, the Neue Donau. “We have already flown in difficult contexts, such as ports, due to the rough sea”, explains the commander who, however, does not deny a certain emotion for the urban context, with the skyscrapers along the Danube, and the numerous people who attended and applauded from the shore. at each ‘scoop’, as the refueling procedure is called.
The Canadair need only 1,500 meters of ‘runway’ to land and load six tons of water and resume flight. The CL-415 always intervene in pairs because two close throws are more effective in fighting the flames. “They were four intense days, but very significant”, says Argenton who highlights the excellent collaboration with the Austrian authorities and the certificates of esteem, arrived not only from the government, but also from citizens, with children holding placards with the written “Thank you very much!” or a huge “Danke” written in stones on a football field. (HANDLE).