Sonne by Kurdwin Ayubil wins the Trieste Film Festival – Friuli VG

Best Documentary is Scene with my father, the short is Plima

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, JAN 28 – Sonne by the Kurdish director who grew up in Vienna, Kurdwin Ayub, wins the Trieste Award assigned by the jury to the best feature film in competition at the Trieste Film Festival, an event dedicated to Central-Eastern European productions. Among the reasons for the choice, “having investigated without dogmas, and using the language of the present, the still unresolved questions of roots, religion and identity of the new generations, daughters of migratory flows, through the eyes of three young women in seek their place in the world”.

The Alpe Adria Cinema Award, assigned by the jury to the best documentary, goes to Scene with my father by Biserka Šuran (Holland, 2022), “a pearl of cinema that describes a family of migrants in today’s Europe”. The TSFF Shorts Award was instead recognized to the short film Plima by Eva Vidan (Croatia, United States, 2022) for the “very delicate story through the eyes of children of a pre-modern, feminine society, where women preside over the domestic hearth”.

Among the other award-winning films, Love is not an orange by Otilia Babara (Belgium, the Netherlands, Moldova, France, 2022) awarded the CEI (Central European Initiative) Award, intended for the film that best interprets contemporary reality and the dialogue between culture. The Corso Salani Prize 2023 went to Il Cerchio by Sophie Chiarello (Italy, 2022). And, again, the SNCCI Award for Best Critics Film 2022 went to Gli bears don’t exist by Jafar Panahi (Iran, 2022), while the Best Italian Critics Film 2022 goes to Small body by Laura Samani (Italy, France, Slovenia, 2022).

Finally, the Eastern Star Award 2023, which recognizes a personality from the world of cinema who with his work has contributed, like the Trieste Film Festival, to building a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe, goes to Krzysztof Zanussi (HANDLE).