In Rome Euphoria, vitality against closures and war – Lazio

12 canvases by Gian Luca Gentili, ‘battlefields’ of emotions

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 17 – The large splashes of primary colors, yellow, red and blue with a thick black background. The strong tones of the beloved Spain, the continuous use of horns that refers to Picasso’s bulls. The vitality of women’s faces, fleshy mouths, generous breasts and the celebration of love depicted in flowers, roses, death transfigured into mocking and dreamy skulls. The human figures, unreal and sensual, plastic and nuanced at the same time.

It is the imaginary of Euphoria, a personal exhibition of the Roman artist Gian Luca Gentili curated by Marta Banci which will be inaugurated on Wednesday 18 May in Avangardysta, the new creative Bunker in Rome. Twelve works, often large and full of energy, in which – we read in the note accompanying the launch of the exhibition – “the canvas is no longer a space in which to design but becomes a battlefield where it leaves its unconscious, a uncontrolled and unregulated emotionality “.

A name, Euphoria, inspired with a twist by the American television series but which in reality, as the artist tells us, tells a new phase of his creative path. That of a rebirth after the sadness and the greyness, the uncertainties and the closures of the pandemic and lockdowns. Of vitality and love during the dark months of the war. Works with which Gentili puts the past two years behind him and which “are not born from a project a priori but from a process of psychic improvisation whose result will only be seen in retrospect”, as Gian Luca says.

Beyond the two traumatic years, the daily and obsessive violence of war, there is his universe made of sea, surf, music, love for family and friends. In addition to being an artist, architect and teacher, Gian Luca often alternates surfing on his countless longboards and performances to be dragged by young people to dance on the shores of the Maremma, all adoring, one by one reciprocated with a gesture, the strap to the shapes to the cry of ‘immaturiiiiiiiiii!’. (HANDLE).