Venice: 100 thousand for the Redentore, fireworks display in the lagoon – Chronicle

(ANSA) – VENICE, 17 JUL – The twinning of Venice with the Ukrainian city of Odessa is a hymn to peace. This is the theme of the fireworks proposed by the Redeemer 2022, a festival of colors for 100 thousand people, many have arrived, in compliance with the safety rules and the anti-crowds quota, in the “very famous night”, the one with which from 500 years Venice remembers the end of the plague in 1577. Forty minutes of pure spectacle, in which the colors of red, blue and gold dominated. Almost 30 thousand people who witnessed it in the lagoon, in the boats, over 42 thousand were on the shores, while another 25 thousand or so from the stalls of hotels and restaurants and from the surrounding islands. Despite the huge influx, everything went smoothly. Overall during the 40 minutes of the show 6,500 fireworks were fired, for a total of 2,500 kg of explosive material placed on 5 large rafts for large calibers, to which are added another 25 smaller pontoons for the “fires” small caliber. (HANDLE).