Music: ‘Strativeri’, to describe Naples with a thousand faces – Campania

Trianon June 8, Capone BungtBangt-Solis String Quartet

(ANSA) – NAPLES, MAY 26 – At the Trianon-Viviani Theater in Naples, directed by Marisa Laurito, “Strativari” is staged on June 8: classical music meets the underground and strings blend with recycled instruments. From the past to the present and vice versa in a vertical journey that tells the story of Naples with a thousand faces with the reciting voice of Cristina Donadio. It is a show (directed by Raffale Di Florio, subject and text by Stefano Valanzuolo) that “wants to focus on the image of a multifaceted Naples far from commonplaces”.

Two musical groups – Capone & BungtBangt and Solis String Quartet – different in vocation and history collaborate, therefore, with the theatrical complicity of Donadio who, in an alternation, reveals the role that the artist (Napoli Teatro Festival, 2019) had played Iaia Forte. Alternating citations to original contributions Strativari celebrates the image of an unlabable city. Eyes, legs and reason are not enough to travel through the city in layers: music is needed. A real immersive and transversal journey, therefore, which unites musicians and actors; which remains suspended between theatrical performance and concert.

“Strativari” is conceived as a suite and consists of eight movements (with a Prologue and an Epilogue) different in colors, dynamics and atmospheres. Eight tables, eight emotional portraits that touch as many affections – memory, passion, play, lo, fatigue, denunciation, desire, devotion – explored from the point of view of the Neapolitans. “I have always loved ‘playing with music’ on stage and occasion, through the feelings that belong to me, allows me to deal with the sound of classic and invented instruments” says Cristina Donadio. Adds Maurizio Capone, frontman of BungtBangt: “trativari describes a Naples out of stereotypes, even those of recent birth, and suggests new visions, alternatives and breathing”. “The Solis have married an unconventional look that goes well with the artistic concept of Capone & BungtBangt” says Gerardo Morrone of the Solis String Quartet. The goal of this show is to tell about our city, this time making use of the theatrical depth of Cristina Donadio “. (ANSA).