He beats and prostitutes his girlfriend, arrested in Pisa – Tuscany

Donna had a 21-day prognosis for the violence she suffered

(ANSA) – PISA, 25 MAY – A 37-year-old Italian was arrested in Pisa who had just beaten his girlfriend and also forced her into prostitution. He took it after yet another assault on his partner on Tuesday in the Pisa train station area. Here a 27-year-old Italian was tracked down by the police, activated following a report, and found with bruises and injuries to her face and other parts of her body. The police challenge the man as well as the crime of personal injury and mistreatment in the family also that of exploitation of prostitution.

As soon as the policemen arrived, the woman immediately reported that she had been beaten up by her partner and that this happened several times in the past. The young woman, according to the police headquarters, showed the agents “conspicuous bruising and bite marks, as well as a wound with blood loss from the ear to the collarbone: when accompanied to the emergency room, the doctors also found a fracture of the nasal bones”. The woman then joined the path of the Pink Code reserved for gender-based violence and after being medicated she was discharged with a prognosis of 21 days.

The 27-year-old also reported to the police, concludes the police headquarters, “immediately badly from the beginning of the relationship, undertaken about a year and a half earlier, then her partner, who has specific precedents. Etratta ‘was arrested in the act of crime for ill-treatment in family, injury, use of prostitution and personal transfer to prison “.