Ukraine: Naples; in the streets against the risk of invasion from Russia – Campania

Tatiana, fear for my relatives left behind

(ANSA) – NAPLES, 16 FEB – A gathering of people from beyond the territory ready to express their fear of a possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia. It also takes place in flash mobs planned in various Italian cities by local committees and citizens of Naples who come from Ukraine: in front of the San Pietro Martire church, at the intersection of via Mezzocannone and Corso Umberto, representatives of the Sant ‘Egidio, those of the “Youth for Peace” association and many of the Ukrainian community in Naples. All together for the flash mob for peace and to express fear through the microphone that several have passed.

Among these Tatiana, a Ukrainian for many years here in Naples: “I am worried – she says – about what is happening in my country not today but for eight years. Clearly now we fear that Russia may invade Ukraine and I fear for my relatives”. Tatiana has a sister in Ukraine who has two children who are both military at the front.