South Tyrol: Nehammer, Vienna is alongside South Tyrol – Trentino AA/S

The Austrian Chancellor receives the South Tyrolean governor

(ANSA) – BOLZANO, NOVEMBER 29 – The development of South Tyrolean autonomy, as well as the possible opportunities and risks associated with the reform proposed by the Minister for the Regions, Roberto Calderoli, which provides for differentiated autonomy for the Regions with ordinary statute, have been center of the meeting in Vienna of the president of the autonomous province of Bolzano Arno Kompatscher with the Austrian federal chancellor Karl Nehammer.
Furthermore, issues related to the current energy crisis and the related risks for social cohesion were discussed, starting from the question of a targeted economic policy up to affordable housing. The general political situation in Austria, Italy and Europe was also the subject of discussion.
After the meeting in Vienna, President Kompatscher thanked the chancellor for the “warm and important exchange of views”. The Federal Chancellor, Karl Nehammer, for his part underlined that “the Austrian Federal Government stands by South Tyrol, especially when it comes to exercising our function of protection. The 50th anniversary of the Second Statute of Autonomy, celebrated this year, it once again makes good neighborly relations clear. Thank you for the excellent conversation and trusting cooperation.” “Reliable contacts are essential for South Tyrol and the Federal Republic of Austria in particular plays a leading role thanks to its function of protecting the autonomy of South Tyrol”, emphasized Kompatscher. (HANDLE).