San Marino celebrates fifty years of coins on 12 November – Emilia-Romagna

Event day with fair, exhibitions and commemorative stamp

In 1972 San Marino began to issue its own coins again after an interruption that had lasted since 1938: thus the modern coinage of the Republic was born which, in fifty years of history, has made the characters, symbols and founding values ​​of the national community known throughout the world. Artists such as Manzù, Greco, Veroi, Cretara have lent their creativity to San Marino coins – lire, scudi and euro, for normal circulation or intended for collectors – transforming the numismatics of San Marino into a commercial and communication phenomenon and delivering to the Republic a heritage of identity symbols that since 2021 has found space and enhancement in the Mfm-Museum of Stamps and Money. To celebrate the “Jubilee” of modern coinage in San Marino, the Cultural Institutes, in collaboration with the San Marino Numismatic Association and with the patronage of the Secretariats of State for Culture, Finance and Tourism, are organizing a one-day event on Saturday 12 November at the Kursaal Congress Center: ‘ 50 years of coins in San Marino’.
The day will see cultural initiatives (numismatic and medal exhibitions, book presentations) and a commercial collecting fair with decisions by professional numismatic operators from San Marino and Italy. Poste San Marino Spa, for the occasion, through the Numismatic Philatelic Division will issue a commemorative stamp with special cancellation. In the afternoon, a study conference will be held in the Titano Hall, open to the public, dedicated to the history and currency of the Republic with the participation of historians and numismatics scholars. During the day it will also be possible to attend demonstrations of manual coin beating, organized by the Associazione Arti e Mestieri di Montegiardino, and the Museum of Stamps and Coins will be open with free admission. (HANDLE).