Ports: Venice, ok Mild according to the Fusina terminal dock – Veneto

Di Blasio, more container accommodation but also cruises

(ANSA) – VENICE, 13 FA – The Ministry of Ecological Transition has approved the commissioning of the southern dock of the Fusina Terminal in the Port of Venice. This was announced by the Port Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea.

This is the validity of the second dock of the terminal, whose construction had been completed in accordance with the project already assigned with Via nel 20 works12, but which were completed after the expiry of the terms of the environmental certification, which are five years.

“This is excellent news – comments the president of the Authority Fulvio Lino Di Blasio – because you agree to immediately double the docks, from two to four, developing Fusina’s vocation for ro / ro traffic, putting the location of the terminal in the network of the Motorways of the Sea and the strengthening of the sea / rail intermodality thanks to the presence of four railway tracks. passenger interference with freight traffic In this way the port responds to the requests of companies and operators in the cruise sector, who have never ceased to consider Venice, a world-class destination, as a reference hub port for the Adriatic Sea and for cruises in the Mediterranean “, they conclude. (HANDLE).