International mandolins are found in Genova Nervi – Liguria

The Aonzo Academy returns. The American Kirk is also on the bill

The XVI Academy of mandolin and guitar organized by Carlo Aonzo, internationally renowned mandolinist, founder and artistic director of the Italian International Mandolin Academy, teacher and popularizer of the Italian classical mandolin, kicks off on 14 August at the Collegio degli Emiliani in Nervi, collective instrument with right strings in the imagination to represent the Italian spirit in the world. Genoa has a close relationship with the mandolin which was among other things the first instrument on which Paganini relates the child to practice.

As usual, the Academy will see the presence of a team of excellent concert teachers and students from the United States, Australia, Serbia, Poland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany and Russia, as well as of course from all over Italy. A real international camp where the official languages ​​will be Italian and English. In addition to the mandolin, guitar, mandola and mandoloncello courses dedicated to various levels of knowledge, there is an important program of ‘open’ initiatives.

On August 14 at 3 pm a violin making exhibition will be inaugurated, while at 6 pm the book ‘The Muses of the Mandolin’ by Annalisa Desiata will be presented, a journey between music and painting from the 17th to the 21st century. On Tuesday 16 at 21 the American mandolinist John Kirk will perform, a leading exponent of popular music from overseas. Thursday 18 at 21.15 in Camogli in the Cloister of the Sanctuary of NS del Boschetto the Concertists of the XVI Academy. Finally, Saturday 20 at 18 return to Nervi for the final concert with a large orchestra. (HANDLE).