Ponte Genova: lawyer, collapsed due to a constructive defect – Chronicle

(ANSA) – GENOA, 07 JUL – “I believe that everyone wishes to be able to have an ascertainment of the truth, therefore a justice with truth in compliance with the rules of the trial and therefore also the contradictory of the parties in respect of what are real facts and not a form of revenge “. This was stated by Giovanni Accinni, the lawyer who together with Guido Carlo Alleva defends the former CEO of Aspi Giovanni Castellucci, before the start of the trial for the collapse of the Morandi bridge (14 August 2018, 43 victims).

“We hope to clarify in contradiction – continued the lawyer before entering the Palace of Justice – and we hope this time in an objective way. If they are, as we are sure, respected the rules for which the guilt must be established legally and outside from the story, and therefore in respect of the facts, it will emerge that the bridge collapsed due to a constructive defect. This is the reason why 43 people died in a frightening and absurd way. Engineer Castellucci has no criminal responsibility with respect to how much has been contested. Respect for those who have died in such an absurd way is a sharing. I point out that even the innocent, if totally condemned, would in turn become a victim “. (HANDLE).