Naples: At the Tangenziale, toll? Not ready for elimination – Campania

But there will be no major in the next few years

(ANSA) – NAPLES, 04 JUL – “We are not yet ripe for the elimination of the toll but in these days we are discussing the new plan of the company with the Ministry and no tariff increases are foreseen for the next few years”. Luigi Massa, managing director of Tangenziale, said this on the sidelines of the presentation of the investment program for the modernization of the road network.

“An infrastructure such as the Naples ring road – he added – needs investments and intense work and important assistance to users. In the future it may be that such mechanisms will be found to be able to this type of infrastructure, but today the toll on a structure such as the ring road would mean deteriorating it as well as many other roads in the district “. The CEO also stressed that “the ring road has not increased the toll for several years, despite the difficulties we had to overcome with the covid”. (HANDLE).