Unemployed in Naples City Council, slogans and banners – Campania

Some are demonstrating against Asia contest criteria

(ANSA) – NAPLES, 29 JUN – Some notes from unemployed people adhering to the “Movimento 7 novembre” and “Cantiere 167 Sc” lists, are demonstrating in front of the building in via Verdi, seat of the Municipal Council of Naples. They chant slogans as police in riot gear watch over them. Some managed to get inside the building and display a couple of banners from the balconies of the Council rooms on the second floor.

The object of the protest was the competition in Asia, the municipal waste management system. On one of the two banners you can read “Asia competitions and bribes: where are the clauses for the unemployed”. On the other it says: “No clause on the unemployed: competition Asia is a bin”.

The protest was based on the absence of a clause reserved for the admission of the unemployed in the Asia competition.

Clause that – supporting the demonstrators – had been the subject of an agreement. (HANDLE).