Naples: Manfredi, with balance we prove to be serious – Campania

“Responding to citizens’ expectations”

(ANSA) – NAPLES, 28 JUN – “This is an important moment for the city because we further demonstrate that Naples is a city of serious people. Naples is regaining that sense of city that is not antithetical to Neapolitanism. We are perfectly capable, as a Council, to represent this Naples that has always existed “. This was stated by the mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi, in his speech in the classroom, underlining that “this is the first budget made according to the political orientation of this administration. Up to now we have worked in conditions of extreme difficulty but we have begun to follow a positive path with respect to citizens’ expectations knowing that we cannot reverse a trend that comes from afar overnight “.
Manfredi highlighted the importance of having given the accounting document a three-year approach that represents “an organizational change because it allows us to make a realistic planning because it is based on real and not fake numbers because Naples needs certainties, a clear picture of investments and spending “.
The mayor also drew attention to the need for new lymph to the municipal machinery through “transparent competitions” to introduce “lack of professionalism, absences that weigh on the quality and organization of the administrative machinery. City is not administered: the staff is the necessary basis to then intervene on the organization of services from welfare to the municipal police to the technical offices “.
The mayor reserved a passage of his speech for the subsidiaries with respect to which “there is no intention to privatize but there is the will to reorganize and enhance them and a first sign is given by the fact that Asia has banned the competition” . “Eight months ago – concluded Manfredi – Naples was considered a lost cause, now the climate has changed, there is trust. Then it will be necessary to see if we will be able but the reputation of the city and its administration has changed substantially and of his administration we will show that we will be up to it “. (HANDLE).