Back path of the ‘500 in the park of Villa Strozzi in Florence – Tuscany

Itinerary of unique landscape and architectural value

(ANSA) – FLORENCE, MAY 28 – On Sunday 29 May in Florence, in the public park of Villa Strozzi, on the Via Pisana, a 16th century path that usually flowed from Giovan Battista Strozzi, known as the Elder, with his wife Marietta Altoviti will be rediscovered . The ancient ‘Wooded Path of the Strozzi’ – a noble Florentine family that belonged to merchants, warriors, diplomats, and who for long periods had public offices in Florence and opposed the Medici – is an itinerary of an hour and a half convalescence and environmental architectural. It winds through paths, walkways, sculptures, stone furnishings among centuries-old holm oaks and scents of flowering plants.

The recovery was supervised by Francesco Romolini, an expert in historical greenery commissioned by Munar, the Museum of Narration which is responsible for the relaunch of the park with this initiative. The shrub species have been rearranged and the soil compacted to offer the public an easy path to follow. The first stop on the route will be the Observatory lawn with daisies, daisies with yellow flowers, buttercups, veronica, mallow, snapdragons and forget-me-nots; and still marigolds, daffodils and spring onions, in addition to the most frequent grasses of the meadows such as the loglietto, the mazzolina grass, the weeds and the inevitable fescues.

The second stage will touch the ‘striped bridge’, a work of great architectural prestige by Giuseppe Poggi in his nineteenth-century renovation of the villa. Poggi, in addition to the modern accesses (it was 1855) for the carriages, also wanted the planting of numerous exotic tree species such as magnolias, cedars and American maple. The paths were redesigned and the bridge itself appeared to facilitate the entrance to the Church of San Bartolomeo di Monte Oliveto, formerly a UNESCO heritage site, and a “grandeur” style design of the park’s path.

The third and last stage will end at the door that separates the park of Villa Strozzi from the garden of the Church, not before entering the centuries-old holm oaks, box hedges, spirea, azzarolo, cherry laurel, berberis, viburnum and laurel. The meeting with the guides is at 6 pm at the entrance gate of via Pisana.

Admission is free. (HANDLE).