Naples, six years of trials and five verdicts for a raspberry – Campania

Quarrel between boys, then judges establish ‘criminal irrelevance’

(ANSA) – NAPLES, MAY 24 – The raspberry becomes art in the film “The gold of Naples”, with the famous lesson given by Eduardo De Filippo and some friends eager to take revenge on a disrespectful noble. But the sonic mockery can also become a quarrel that forces justice to rule five times: it happened, again in Naples, with two brothers and one of their school friends as protagonists. The kids, on a daily basis, waited for the classmate and as soon as she peeped out they would loudly pronounce her surname followed by a thunderous raspberry. An unequivocally unpleasant gesture, which however did not go down to the victim’s mother who, after repeated and useless attempts to make the two brothers give up, in the end, decided to report them.

The judicial process, during which a dozen witnesses were also heard, ended after six years and above all after five sentences of the judicial authority: the last and definitive sentence of the Court of Appeal declared, on the basis of a sentence of the cassation, the extinction of the crime due to the criminal irrelevance of the fact. (HANDLE).