He leaves his daughter in the car under the sun in Rome, reported – Lazio

Carabinieri intervened after some reports of passers-by

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 21 – Left locked in the car with a temperature that exceeded thirty degrees. It is the misadventure, fortunately with a happy ending, experienced today by a 5-year-old girl who remained alone for over twenty minutes in the car while her father, a 39-year-old Moldovan citizen, had gone away to do the shopping. at the supermarket. The incident took place around 13.30 in via Gabrio Casati, in the Tufello area. To alert the carabinieri some passers-by who noticed how the child seemed fainted. On the spot a patrol that had to break the finer of the car and pull out the little one who fortunately was in good health. The father, who arrived after a few minutes, justified himself by stating that he had gone away for a few minutes to compare some supermarket things. The carabinieri of the radio-mobile unit denounced him for neglect of a minor, entrusting the child to his mother. (HANDLE).