Sexist insults to president of Equal Opportunities Rome – Lazio

“Lesbians don’t break up …”. Cicculli, I will report and I will be in Rimini

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 19 – Sexist offenses and insults. The story of the Alpine gathering in Rimini and the alleged harassment seems to be destined to never end. And the victim, today, of some offensive messages received on his mobile phone is the Capitoline councilor of the Left Civic Ecologist, president of the Equal Opportunity Commission of Roma Capitale, Michela Cicculli. “Hands off the Alpini .. If you are a lesbian, don’t break the c …” These are some of the insults that the president ‘found’ herself via whatsapp, after her participation in the public meeting of ‘Non Una Di Meno ‘in the Romagna municipality. To report the incident, posting on her social networks, the messages received from the stranger, was the councilor: “I am on my way to Rimini for Oltre l’Adunata – Incontro Pubblico, after the events that occurred in the days of the Alpini meeting. I received from a stranger, in possession of my telephone number, the messages of which I publish the screenshot “, explains the exponent of Sce. “For me it is first a right, as well as a duty to do so given the role I hold as president of the Equal Opportunities Commission of Rome – he underlines -. Not all Alpini are molesters as not all men are rapists it seems needless to say, but the debate on what happened is reduced to queicio “. Solidarity with Cicculli arrives from the Roman center-left: and “. (ANSA).