Genoa Municipalities: crowd at the inauguration of the Bucci coalition point – Liguria

For mayor, Toti and Rixi the goal is victory in the first round

(ANSA) – GENOA, APRIL 29 – Hundreds of people at the inauguration of the coalition point for the mayoral candidate Marco Bucci. In Largo XII October all the local leaders of the parties, candidates for the council and municipalities, supporters and activists of the various lists are given an appointment between balloons and focaccia to inaugurate the place where meetings and organizational conferences can be held every day. The new point, after the one inaugurated from the list of the mayor Vince Genova in the Mazzini gallery, is a few steps away from the smaller one where the then manager Bucci’s race was launched five years ago. “Five years ago I remember that the vesi were sad, the mayor then said that we had to manage the decline – this future said Bucci – we will instead have a future of growth, six billion to spend, and this is the message we must, trust in future, we are not the ones who have not closed the hole in the underground parking of San Martino, we are not the ones who for 25 years have not been able to make Corso Sardegna, we are not the ones who will not change public transport, we work for the city and the new generations and June 12 will be a success, in order to have two weeks to work for Genoa “.

The coordinator of Forza Italia Carlo Bagnasco, Stefano Balleari for Fratelli d’Italia, Edoardo Rixi for the Lega and Umberto Calcagno commissioner of the UDC in Liguria, in addition to the governor Giovanni Toti, took part.

Toti has launched a message of unity after some frictions of the past few months on the leadership of the breakfast. “The derby will be what Genoa and Sampdoria will play tomorrow in Marassi, to which we wish the best, here the only match is the one we all play together and the only result is the victory in the first round, we are many and it is already good hope, I remember when five years ago, a few meters from here, we launched the somewhat reckless adventure of conquering the city of Genoa after having reconquered the Region, we can say not only that we did it but also that we changed the history of this city “. (HANDLE).