Ukraine: 21 orphans Kiev in Florence, give us tablets for Dad – Tuscany

Giani, ‘They want to follow the lessons of their teachers there’

(ANSA) – FIRMA, MAR 15 – The 21 Ukrainian orphans at the Istituto degli Innocenti in Florence – an institution that has assisted the family without for centuries – coming from an orphanage not far from Kiev and arrived in Tuscany after a trip in coach lasted a good 26 hours. Governor Eugenio Giani reported this, noting that minors have a good cultural level. Giani reported their desire not to be included in our Italian schools because, if they are equipped with a tablet and the connection they asked for, they hope to connect in Dad, distance learning, with their teachers who remained in Ukraine.

“The authentic heart of Florence in Tuscany – concludes Eugenio Giani – is expressed by giving proof of acceptance and with the contribution of numerous subjects, from Save the Children, to the Prefecture and the Municipality of Florence, to Cir, the Italian Refugee Council, to Ministry for the family, to the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Foundation, to the regional civil protection, which I want to thank everyone “.

Among them only four are over 17 years of age, while the others range from 3 to 17 years of age. “They therefore have different needs and habits, which are being satisfied day after day”, explained Giani. With them also a mascot that accompanies them: it is a cat. (HANDLE).