Naples: Zerocalcare, struck by the story Ugo and I told it – Campania

Author presents a comic about a boy killed in a carabiniere robbery

(ANSA) – NAPLES, 25 FEB – “At this time I spoke with the family of Ugo Russo, with the ‘Truth and Justice’ committee and other people in Naples who helped me to have a picture that I did not have”. So Zerocalcare today told him who, one of the most famous cartoonist in Italy today, made to draw “Strati”, the dedicated to the memory of Ugo Russo, killed at 15 by a plainclothes policeman who he had made a path to rob . In memory of the young man, the Piazzetta Montecalvario, in the Spanish Quarters, was filled today to hear about the Zerocalcare affair, the boy’s father and other members of the “Truth and Justice” committee, the writing that Zerocalcare puts on the cover of the comic under the portrait of the 15-year-old, made in the alleys of the neighborhoods and which recalls the committee, managed not to make the portrait.
“The story of Ugo was a news story – says the author – but then you hear the boy’s father speak, and I had the feeling that this fact has linked the length of time, the difficulties of arriving at a time when there is a The comic was born, therefore, with a dialogue with the parents of the murdered boy, with the committees in Naples for interpretations “. For the author, the killing of the young man cannot be admitted despite his failed robbery attempt. “I talked to his father – explains Zerocalcare – who told me the story of his son and I was very impressed by the clarity with which he told it, without discounts, without denying that the son was wrong but looking for and focusing on points in where there is opacity and truth is asked.
Instead, seeing reactions to the comic even before it came out, the idea that one told this story without saying that he, the boy killed, was totally bad is thought to be absurd.
But in a cartoon a 15-year-old boy was not only that but also someone who lives like the other 15-year-olds because for someone you can’t say that a person is human, but you have to treat him as an absolute villain “.
In front of the more than one hundred people in the Quarters there is also Vincenzo Russo, Ugo’s father. “Zerocalcare – he explains – has relieved us a little, there is someone who wants to tell this story and as I see today there are also those who want to hear it, because they only knew what the police have reported, that my son “is sought and had to die. We hope it is a starting point to get to the truth, we don’t want revenge, we want truth and justice “. (ANSA).