Milan-Cortina: Confindustria Venice-Belluno axis for tourism – Veneto

Memorandum of Understanding signed for the 2026 Olympics

(ANSA) – VENICE, FEBRUARY 24 – The presidents of Confindustria Venezia, Vincenzo Marinese, and Belluno-Dolomiti, Lorraine Berton, signed a memorandum of understanding this morning for the enhancement of the tourist systems of the territories in view of the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympics .

Among the declared objectives is that of creating a working group shared between the two territorial sections, which can define an annual program of interventions, forms of collaboration with companies, putting the industrial realities of the two territories in synergy. It will be up to an upcoming select committee to deliver a document in the months that will identify all the activities to be implemented for the integrated enhancement of the territory, which will also involve tour operators and stakeholders and will lay the foundations for strengthening airports, railway networks and ports.

“The Belluno-Venice axis – Berton has many offers – has many cards to play, the sea and the mountains. We have problems in common, two centers ‘between’ opportunities that are up to us entrepreneurs by developing, because we are not always supported by politics, increasingly a fugitive “. For Marinese, the one signed today is “an extraordinary collaboration agreement. We must not make the mistake that the Olympics are an event for its own sake.

We must be an active part of certain initiatives, we cannot miss the opportunity to create infrastructures that go beyond 2026 and connect territories. It is an agreement – extraordinary he concluded – because the signatures are relevant if there is an identity and a clear vision of intent. We have great knowledge of the area, and above all legs to give breath to our ideas “. (ANSA).