Syria: Mustafa and father are in Italy, new life in Siena – Chronicle

(ANSA) – SIENA, 21 JAN – Mustafà al-Nazzal, the five-year-old child born limbless due to an air raid in Syria, and his father Munzir, whose right leg was amputated, protagonists of the shot ‘Hardship of Life ‘which went around the world becoming a symbolic image of the Syrian drama, have been in Italy since tonight. Mustafà’s arrival at Leonardo da Vinci with a scheduled flight from Istanbul together with his mother Zeynep, his father Munzir and his two little sisters. Sipa delegates await them. Siena, in an unprecedented solidarity contest, has adopted them and will give them a new life. Bologna and science hope to make them walk again. Munzir and Mustafa are the protagonists of the shot ‘Hardship of Life’, which went around the world becoming a symbolic image of the Syrian drama. Mustafa arrived with his mother Zeynep and the two little sisters. Siena will take care of them thanks to the commitment of the Archdiocese and Cardinal Augusto Paolo Lojudice, together with Caritas. “As soon as they arrive I will meet them. I hope to be the first to meet them – said Lojudice -. It is the Church that welcomes them and in this case I feel like representing the whole Church”. (HANDLE).