Exhibitions: Tong Yanrunan for 50 years San Marino-China – Emilia-Romagna relations

Secretary of State Belluzzi, a project in which we strongly believed

(ANSA) – SAN MARINO, 21 JAN – A virtual meeting with the Chinese authorities has inaugurated the exhibition ‘Face to Face’ by the artist Tong Yanrunan, curated by Viola Conti and open for free until 21 February, the last act of the celebrations of 50 years of international relations between the Republic of San Marino and the People’s Republic of China, in the exhibition hall of Palazzo Sommi.

“It is a project in which we strongly believed”, comments Andrea Belluzzi, Secretary of State for Education, Culture and the University. “These cultural exchanges greatly enrich both countries and form part of a very solid diplomatic relationship that San Marino will continue to undertake with the People’s Republic of China, with renewed esteem”. For the San Marino artist Viola Conti “collaborating with a very talented artist like Maestro Tong is a privilege. I greatly admire the spiritual dimension of his work which has its roots in the philosophical philosopher. The works that make up ‘Face to Face’ do not they are only masterfully executed oil portraits, but the tangible result of a meditative act and a profound inner search “. (HANDLE).