Benoît Turpin, this full-time board game author passionate about his profession

A passion that becomes a job, that’s what happened for Benoit Turpin in 2019. This Toulousain born in the 80s is today an author of board games recognized in the community. However, before making it his profession, he first taught history in a college for fifteen years. Until then, there was no indication that he was going to get into the gaming world.

But when you think about it, a vocation never arises by chance. Since childhood, Benoit Turpin has always played board games in his free time. And even as a teacher, this pleasure has mingled several times with his educational methods.

I organized workshops to teach history to my students in another way. In particular, I set up a game to teach my 3rd graders about chronological markers. And I realized that I could create things that were both educational and fun. It seemed obvious to me”, he explains to The Independent Opinion.

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People first

Today, he counts about twenty creations, not counting those in progress. son everything first game, unedited, dates back almost ten years. Fin 2013, he participates in particular in the Festival Ludique de Clermont-Ferrand, dedicated to the authors of board games.

On the spot, he presents his prototype”Incremento“, a word game where players have amnesia. The goal is to become stronger by learning additional words. It is the Toulouse publisher Cocktail Games who notices it without agreeing to edit it. “At first, I didn’t understand. Why not edit it if he likes the game?” Asks Benoit Turpin. But today, he understands the reasons.

He told me the game wasn’t mainstream enough. It only targeted people with good word game experience. And too much material would make the game too designated, ”says the author.

This meeting allowed a confrontation with the reality of the job. “Creation is not just about having fun. Above all, you have to ask yourself if the game will appeal to as many people as possible”, he underlines.

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The “Welcome” series, the beginning of a success

And it didn’t take long for Benoit Turpin to comply with the demands of the environment. Fr 2015, he pulls out a new set of letters, Optimo. This time, he succeeded in seducing the public.

It sold a reasonable 13,000 copies. In the middle, we consider that it is a start of success beyond 5,000 copies sold”, specifies the author.

Then everything comes together. It’s finally his second game, Welcome to your perfect home, which launched his career. Published in Toulouse in 2018 by Blue Cocker, it allowed him to get into this profession from September 2019. The game is inspired by Yams, which consists of linking combinations with five dice to win as many points as possible. But here it is about maps.

The game also wants more strategic and on a specific theme: that of the 1950s and American housing estates. Sold over 200,000 copies in 30 pays, it was a resounding success. Benoit Turpin has also received the label silver pawn for this game.

What was appreciated was that it corresponded to a public expectation of something that did not yet exist”, explains the founder.

Since then, he has made several expansions in 2019. Two sequels to this game have also been created. Welcome to New Las Vegas Fr 2020, and the welcome to the moon, released in December 2021 and dedicated to space. “Its launch works even better than the first”, underlines the author.

Benoit Turpin also released Welcome to New Las Vegas in 2020. © / Benoit Turpin

The game, a social bond and a moment of sharing

Benoît Turpin has also observed that for several years there has been a resume board game. He explains it by the increasing quality of the games on offer, but above all by a very strong desire to find link “off screen”.

It’s an incredible tool for getting together at parties, meals with friends, family or children. There is also a change of mentalities. The game loses its negative connotation of painful and long pastime”, explains the author.

And what he loves with the board game is the moment of sharing that he creates. “Playing is an endlessly renewable pleasure where you never get bored. We have fun, we think, we find ourselves in different situations,” he admits.

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The pleasure of creation

But what he prefers is the part “creation” of the game. “This moment when in my head, I have a superb idea that comes to me, it’s a lot of excitement. It can also fall very quickly when we make the prototype and that in the end, it doesn’t work as planned”, smiles the author. Concretely, there is no no rules for creation. The world around him inspires his games.

It can come from a mechanical idea, a manipulation or a card shape. Sometimes, on orders for comic book or film licenses”, he specifies.

As soon as an idea comes to his mind, Benoit Turpin puts it on paper and develops it. © / Benoit Turpin

Once the idea has germinated, the design begins.

I develop the game and the rules on a notebook, then I make one prototype. I create files of cards, dice, which I print, and which I then test with author friends. If it’s satisfactory, I go deeper until the game is completed”, explains the author.