From the G7 warning to Russia: ‘Huge consequences if it invades Ukraine’ – World

Russia exposes itself to “enormous consequences” in the event of an invasion of UkraineBritish diplomacy chief Liz Truss warned at the G7 foreign ministries meeting in Liverpool, England. From the meeting in Liverpool emerged “the very united voice of the G7 countries which represent 50% of world GDP and which are very clear that there would be enormous consequences for Russia in the event of a foray into Ukraine”, commented Trus

As for the negotiations underway in Vienna, they are “Iran’s last chance” to present a “serious” solution and thus save the nuclear deal, said British Foreign Minister Liz Truss, speaking at the ministerial of the G7.

“As Italy we have known that multilateralism is the lowest common denominator of our approach to foreign policy issues. And on multilateralism we must continue to confirm”. This is the post on Facebook by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio on the second day of work of the G7 Foreign Affairs in Liverpool.