Austria, on Monday the lockdown ends only for the vaccinated, it remains for the no vax – World

In Austria the lockdown ends on Monday for the vaccinated and recovered, while it will continue for the no vax. This was announced by the canceller Karl Nehammer. On 13 December, not only the shops will open for the immunized, but also the restaurants, hotels and Christmas markets. Anyone who gets vaccinated leaves the lockdown, Nehammer said. With the generalized lockdown – he added – “an incentive for vaccination has disappeared”. The chancellor did not rule out diversification in the laender most affected by the pandemic. Vienna – announced Mayor Michael Ludwig – will reopen restaurants and hotels only on 20 December. Austria records a record of intensive care admissions. Currently 670 beds are occupied, this is the highest number in 2021. In the last 24 hours, 77 Covid patients have died. You have to go back eleven months to find a similar value. The new cases are instead 4,233.

Thus continues the strategy to isolate the no vax, by hook or by crook, to nip the spread of the Omicron variant in the bud. In Vienna, the arrival of the discovered variant in South Africa did not surprise the authorities, who had already run for cover by re-imposing the first lockdown in Europe, in the face of a devastating fourth wave, which will now continue only for the unprotected.

Furthermore, Vienna is the only case of the Old Continent to have already started the mandatory vaccine for everyone, starting from February 15th. And whoever escapes the imposition will have to pay one fine of 600 euros each quarter, which can become a super fine from 3,600 euros a year. The figures are contained in the draft of the bill under discussion, which emerged on the day of the oath of the new chancellor, Karl Nehammer.