In Naples in the square in defense of public water – Campania

Demonstration against Pnrr objectives and privatization risks

(ANSA) – NAPLES, NOVEMBER 20 – Delegations from various Italian cities participated in the demonstration held today in Naples in defense of public water and against the objectives of the PNRR which, according to the organizers of the initiative, “in conjunction with the Ddl Competition penalizes the water service, particularly in the South, and aims at its definitive privatization “. Among the fears expressed by the demonstrators – among whom the Comboni missionary Father Alex Zanotelli paraded – the risk that the will expressed in the 2011 referendum on public water will be nullified. Today’s procession was preceded by a ‘Caravan of Water’ which saw numerous initiatives, from Piedmont to Calabria, from Bologna to Lecce.

In the interventions of the participants, the indication of the reasons for opposition to the NRP and request for withdrawal of the circular that regulates its application. National Forum of Water Movements, Campania Regional Coordination for Public Water and Naples Public Water Committee some of the promoters of the initiative. (HANDLE).