Garbage truck fell into a road puddle (photo + vid)

A garbage truck fell into a puddle in the area of ​​Ilioupoli, which was created after work carried out by a gas workshop

Great inconvenience Residents and workers in the area have been facing it since 9 on Saturday morning Ηλιούπολης, in Thessaloniki, as a garbage truck of the municipality of Pavlos Mela fell into a puddle created after work carried out by a workshop for natural gas.

As the driver of the garbage truck states in, In the previous days, a gas workshop carried out works on Synt. Davaki in Ilioupoli.

Then instead of throwing cement to fix the road, he just threw rubble. Then, this morning, a water pipe broke on a nearby road, on Polytechniou Street, as a result of which the material thrown by the workshop softened and mud was created.

The driver of the garbage truck notes in that a few days ago the same phenomenon had happened again, where the crews leave the streets half-finished when they complete their work.

In addition, he points out that only one motorbike can pass through the spot and not see the potholes and a serious problem can occur.

Finally, the driver states that because he was at the end of his shift and the harvest of three or four bins was left, the total weight of the garbage truck reached almost 16 tons.

At the same time, the driver can not even turn off the engine of the vehicle, as one of the steps of the garbage truck is literally buried in the ground.