Fairs: a Veronese refreshment point for 24 million on 2020 losses – Veneto

Danish, now the scenario has changed, we can think of growth

(ANSA) – VERONA, 09 NOV – The total amount of refreshment points assigned or being placed in favor of the Veronafiere Group to cover the losses suffered in 2020 amounts to approximately 24 million euros. viale del Lavoro, after the publication by the Ministry of Tourism (5 November) of the list of beneficiaries admitted to the non-repayable grant (subject to verification) due to the lack of income suffered last year from fairs and congresses. The overall amount in favor of the Group is close to 14 million euros, which are added to the recent Simest resolution for a further 10 million euros.

“The transversal team game between Veronafiere and the political forces of reference for the city has led to a great result – said the president of Veronafiere, Maurizio Danese -, to which the government has contributed with the competent ministers, starting with the minister of Tourism, Massimo Garavaglia, with the overcoming of the de minimis regime. our future, which is also an important slice of the future of the city, on a completely different basis “(ANSA).