Christmas markets 2021 in Vienna: a magical and ancient atmosphere

Vienna, the city of classical music in the winter and in particular at Christmas time, hosts the highly anticipated Christmas markets. For more than 700 years, the Austrian city has been organizing the “Wiener Christkindlmark”, the market of the Child Jesus, wanted by the emperor Albrecht I.

In the Rathausplatz they can be found about 150 stalls, which sell handicrafts, sweets, clothing and local products. There are many attractions even for the little ones with fairytale houses, talking trees and a skating rink in the adjacent park. In recent years, other markets have sprung up on the streets of Vienna, although the oldest and most traditional remains the Vienna Magic Advent.

Christmas markets in Vienna 2021: stalls, local and eco-sustainable products

From 12 November 2021 until 9 January 2022 Vienna will host the world famous Christmas markets. In reality the Vienna Magic Advent will only open on November 20, 2021, but even before that, for the city, there will be Christmas lights waiting for the numerous tourists and many other markets. They can be visited the stalls set up in the Belvedere, a little away from the city and smaller, but very impressive, thanks to the nearby pond.

Then there is the one in Schönbrunn, perhaps the most aristocratic and elegant, where high quality handicrafts and gourmet food are sold. Very particular too the market held in Karlsplatz, where there are stalls managed by the same artisans, who produce their own there and where you can taste more particular foods, such as focaccia or cheese melted in bread.


Vienna 2021: Christmas markets full of history, magic and eco-sustainable

Anyone wishing to visit Vienna, like many other European cities, at Christmas time, will find it wrapped in a magical atmosphere, with stalls scattered around the city, the beautiful Christmas tree and sweet Christmas music. The markets, however, are also a perfect time for shopping, where you can find many gift items, are tastefully decorated and attentive to the environment. Plastic is very rare, in fact, mainly wood, straw, glass and fabric are used. The best time to visit them is certainly in the evening, when the sun goes down and the lights create a unique and romantic atmosphere, while at sunset it is advisable to go to the Belvedere markets. The stalls near the lake create a photogenic corner, to bring a home an unforgettable photo.


All that remains is to leave and let yourself be immersed in the magic of Christmas to return home better.