Tari, in Genoa 1.2 million contributions for families in difficulty – Liguria

Genoa-trade union agreement

(ANSA) – GENOA, 25 OCT – The Municipality of Genoa will allocate one million and 200 thousand euros to help families in difficulty to pay the waste tax (Tari). This is foreseen by an agreement signed by the Municipality with the trade unions CGIL, CISL and UIL this morning at Palazzo Tursi. “The support will involve about 20 thousand families” with Isee under 20 thousand euros, estimates the city councilor for the budget Pietro Piciocchi. A contribution of 50 euros is foreseen for pensioners over 70, alone or with a dependent family member in the same residence, and of 100 euros for families, registered in the Tari database, up to four dependent children under 26 and in which at least one social safety net earner component (Covid layoffs, ordinary, extraordinary, Naspi between 2020 and 2021). To have access to the contribution it is necessary to be in possession of some requisites: residence in the Municipality of Genoa in 2021, to be the owner of the Tari user of the residence accommodation and related appurtenances to which the balance 2021 refers, to be in compliance with the payment of the Tari at 31 December 2019, having paid the Tari 2021 deposit, having a valid Isee certification referring to all members of the nucleus not exceeding 20 thousand euros, being resident in a building not exceeding 100 square meters. Applications referring to commercial premises, A1, A8 and A9 stacked dwellings and buildings where you do not reside are excluded from the contribution.
Applications can be submitted with Spid and automatic verification of the ISEE by INPS through the ‘Citizen Desk’ on the website of the Municipality of Genoa.

“We are satisfied with the agreement reached with the Municipality – declare the secretary of Cgil Genova Igor Magni, the manager of Ast Cisl Genova Marco Granara and the secretary of Uil Genova and Liguria Mario Ghini – in this moment of strong social discomfort, address the weaker groups with family support that cuts down on the amount of the tariff and care towards retirement strong attention and care towards retirees we will immediately activate the people who need to request reimbursement, giving all the necessary information to the union offices “.
The beneficiaries of the grant will be identified through a specific call to be published within the first week of November: the fund will be divided through two separate rankings, until all available funds are exhausted. In the event of a surplus of resources in one of the two rankings, the residues will be used in the other ranking, until funds are exhausted.