Ports: Venice-Chioggia, Management Committee approves budget – Veneto

Administrative profit of over 12.7 million euros

(ANSA) – VENICE, OCTOBER 28 – The balance of the port system of Venice and Chioggia, which had already received a positive opinion from the Partnership Body, shows an administrative result of over 12.7 million euros, a result of current portion of over 16 million euros and an economic result of over 232 thousand euros.

The Management Committee today unanimously approved the draft budget for the financial year 2022, with the budget 2022-2024 attached, the three-year program of works and the annual list of works.

On the financial management front, total revenues amounted to over 62.9 million euros, while total expenditures amounted to 70.9 million; the presumed 2021 administration surplus of over 20 million was applied. Finally, the financial exposure in mortgages continues to decrease to just over 72 million euros. The volume of investments, including those foreseen in the annual list of works and excavations, is equal to 27.4 million (of which 3 for excavations only) for 2022, to over 18 for 2023 and to over 19.6 for 2024. (ANSA).