At the Rome Festival the libertarian story of Onde Radicali – Cinema

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 22 – “I went to Marco Pannella with all the equipment I had at home saying: I have a radio ready to broadcast, I would like to do something different. And he said: Do you want to do Radio Radicale? “: the words of Pino Pietrolucci, co-founder of Radio Radicale, are a perfect incipit for RADICAL WAVES by Gianfranco Pannone – co-authors Marco Dell’Omo and Simonetta Angeloni Dezi – passed to the Rome Festival.

A reality, that of this radio, which was born between the end of 1975 and the beginning of 1976 on the initiative of a group of radical militants in a small apartment in Rome located in via di Villa Pamphili, in the Monteverde district. Like the free radios that narrate when it was born in those years, Radio Radicale was also characterized by the libertarian spirit, but from the beginning it distinguished itself from other broadcasters for its editorial philosophy. Just think of Pannella’s 72 Hours: during the 1976 election campaign. The historic radical leader, together with the then director Pino Pietrolucci, was the protagonist of a direct line with the listeners that lasted 72 hours.

Pannone confesses in his notes how “it was exciting to make Onde Radicali, with the complicity of the two co-authors Marco Dell’Omo and Simonetta Angeloni Dezi and the producers”. And he adds: “As a boy I frequented the radicals, alive, brave and a little crazy; the same ‘madness’ that I see in this unique radio in the world that owes so much to Marco Pannella and Massimo Bordin. I met on my way some magnificent testimonies, from Paolo Vigevano to Marco Taradash, but it is also the voices that arrive from the radio archive that reach me modern; in addition to those of Pannella and Bordin, the voice of Leonardo Sciascia, for example, the critical conscience of a beautiful and possible”.