Expert: Russia can execute gas contracts with the EU without Ukraine

BRUSSELS, Oct 21 – PRIME, Maria Knyazeva. Russia may in the coming weeks fulfill its contractual obligations for the supply of gas to the European Union without additional systems for pumping fuel through Ukraine, Alan Davis (Alan Davis), senior director of electricity, gas and oil at IHS Markit, told RIA Novosti.

Putin: Russia is not interested in rising gas prices in Europe

“The most recent signal from the latest results of this monthly capacity release – ed.” weeks, “he said.

The main gas supplier to the European Union is Russia. At the same time, the EU imports 90% of the “blue fuel” it consumes.

The European Union faced a strong increase in gas prices, led to an increase in the price of electricity, which puts pressure on the economy of the community. However, the European Commission does not associate this with supplies from Russia. Gas prices are cyclical and are set by the global market. One of the reasons for the current leap is the recovery of the world economy, the EC noted.

The European Commission said that Gazprom had long-term contracts with buyers in the European Union, but it did not respond to higher demand in the region as it did in previous years.

Alexander Novak, meeting of the board of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation

Novak has a distant forecast for the situation on the European gas market

At the same time, in October, Gazprom reported that the company’s gas exports to non-CIS countries, according to preliminary data, increased by 15.3% in January-September, to 145.8 billion cubic meters of gas. This is the second largest figure in nine months in the history of deliveries (in 2018 – 149.2 billion cubic meters). In particular, the company increased gas supplies to Turkey (by 138.3%), Germany (by 33.2%), Italy (by 14.2%), Romania (by 305.6%), Serbia (by 125.2%). %). %), Poland (by 11.2%), Bulgaria (by 52.5%), Greece (by 10.8%), Finland (by 17.5%). On October 13, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian Federation had increased gas supplies to Europe, while others supplied them at 14 billion cubic meters, half of which came from the United States.