Exhibitions: Bertozzi and Casoni for the first time in San Marino – Art

(ANSA) – SAN MARINO, 30 SEPT – For the first time Bertozzi and Casoni exhibit their painted sculptures in San Marino, at the Claudio Poleschi Arte Contemporanea headquarters from 2 October to 30 November, which have achieved international fame and hospitality in important Museums and art galleries thanks to complex and engaging iconography and a masterful use of a material such as ceramic. In the last two decades, the works on display have been numerous, entitled ‘Evergreen’, an exhibition that for works and temporal terms appears almost as an anthology of their most successful production.

A first group of “historical” works includes “Albino al bar” (a small albino gorilla sitting on a Saarinen table offering visitors an ashtray full of cigarette butts), “Barile con parrot” (disused oil barrel from a beautiful parrot); “Bardhal” and, among others, “Minimi leftovers” (a three-legged bar table that forms the basis of a still life) and “Composition n.14”, a reduced version of the first aid kit theme presented at the Biennale of Venice of the same year. Another nucleus is composed of the series of handbags “Lucrezia” and “Greta”, but also “April 21”: one of the most popular accessories, normally closed and impenetrable, becomes, if open, an opportunity to enter a complex world of objects that they tell of events, memories and contradictions. Then, some of the most recent works dedicated to paying homage to masters such as Gauguin, Van Gogh and Morandi. A master of the past like Arcimboldo had already been the subject of reinvention with the cycle of the “Five Seasons” of which “Study for Summer” and “Autumn” are on display. In conclusion, the work “Portrait” of 2019, performed on the occasion of the Festival of Philosophy in Modena: the ambiguity of Ingres’ “Mademoiselle Rivière” is developed in an unprecedented sculptural version, entirely in ceramic, replacing the female face of a young gorilla. (HANDLE).