Salzburg still in the rush of victory – 2-0 at WAC was 9th success

Football series champion Red Bull Salzburg kept his clean slate on Saturday. At WAC, Oguene (15th) and Okafor (51st) ensured a 2-0 win. This was the ninth triumph in as many Bundesliga rounds. Tirol succeeded in breaking free with a 4-2 win over Rieder. Altach had to admit defeat at home to Klagenfurt 0: 4. Playing on Sunday: Hartberg – Austria, LASK – Admira and Rapid – Sturm.

Due to the failures of Kamil Piatkowski, Oumar Solet, Albert Vallci and Maximilian Wöber, Salzburg had a personnel bottleneck in central defense. That didn’t have a negative effect. Ironically, Jerome Onguene (15th), who was in the starting line-up for the first time this season, put the guests in the front, hitting his head from the five after a Sucic corner kick.

The Carinthians tried hard in the game, but only became really dangerous once. With a pole shot by Thorsten Röcher (32nd), the hosts lack the necessary luck in the end. It got even more bitter shortly before the break whistle. Gugganig saw the yellow-red card after two fouls within three minutes.

WAC coach Robin Dutt subsequently switched to the retired Mario Leitgeb as a central defender. After changing sides, he had a lot of work with his colleagues, as the action took the much-anticipated course. Salzburg clearly set the tone. Kofler was able to excel in a Kristensen shot deflected by Amar Dedic (47th). Four minutes later, the 34-year-old goalkeeper was defeated. He was powerless with a degree from Noah Okafor that had been falsified by Dominik Baumgartner.

After that, the away win should have been even higher. In a double chance, however, Benjamin Sesko failed first to Kofler, then Lochoshvili saved Capaldo’s margin in dire need on the line (85th).

In Tyrol, the WSG ended its negative run in an impressive manner. Thomas Sabitzer with a triple pack (28th, 45th, 63rd) and Raffael Behounek (31st) scored for the great Tyroleans who gave up the last place (to LASK) for at least one day.

Thomas Silberberger’s team dominated the game from the start and did not allow the dreaded Rieder counterattacks. From the 20th minute the pressure from the hosts increased, the reward came from Sabitzer, who took the lead with his first Bundesliga goal (28th). Three minutes later, Behounek, who had expressed severe criticism of the team after the 0: 5 against Sturm last weekend, headed to the spot and increased it to 2: 0 (31st). Sabitzer (45th) was on the spot again with his head.

During the break, the Rieder coaching team reacted and brought three new players. One of them was Seifedin Chabbi, who with the first successful offensive action of the guests after the break to 1: 3 traffic (59th). The hopes for a similar comeback as a week ago against the WAC (from 0: 3 to 3: 3) Sabitzer with his third goal (63rd) but quickly again. With his second goal (85th), Chabbi ensures cosmetic results.

Newcomers Austria Klagenfurt meanwhile have their first away win this season. The Carinthians prevailed in the ninth round at SCR Altach thanks to hits from Pape Alioune Ndiaye (39th / own goal), Florian Rieder (48th) and Markus Pink (61st, 68th) with 4: 0 (1: 0) and thus improved to third place for at least one day. The Altach, on the other hand, are just two points away from the bottom of the table as newcomers.

In the first half, the 3,800 spectators saw an open game, whereby the Altach had slight advantages and also got their first good chance. Klagenfurt’s goalkeeper Phillip Menzel defused a header from Atdhe Nuhiu (38th). Practically in return, there is a cold shower for the hosts – Ndiaye maneuvered a cross from Patrick Greil into his own goal.

At the beginning of the second half there was another blow in the neck for Altach. Timossi Andersson pulled over the right side, Rieder sank his cross pass with a remarkable direct decrease in the far corner (48th). After that, the Altachers showed slight signs of disintegration, the Klagenfurt Austria was able to combine through the opposing defensive line at times without much effort – also in the 61st minute, when Pink only had to insert after preparatory work by Till Schumacher.

The goal was initially withdrawn because of an alleged offside, but then given after a VAR check that took minutes. Five minutes later, another Pink demonstrated his scoring qualities again. The striker hurried away from the Altach defense after a pass from Christopher Cvetko and shot dry to make it 4-0 for the guests.

The Altach team was still fighting for the consolation goal, but Nuhiu (84th) did not see more than one shot from the pole. In the end, it was the fifth winless match in the Vorarlberg series.