‘A song for San Marino’, Eurovision – Emilia-Romagna target

Applications for the contest-festival, final in February, are underway

Applications for the ‘Una voce per San Marino’ contest-festival are underway, from which the name of those who will enter the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 for the Republic of Titan will come out. Organized by Media Evolution, with a synergy between San Marino Rtv and the secretariat of state for tourism, the festival will see the participation of emerging competitors and big names in the music sector, “without the participation of citizens and choice of language in the interpretation of the piece presented”.
From 13 to 19 December and from 5 to 11 January an academy for “emerging” artists enrolled in the competition will be set up at the Titano Theater, which will also act as a preliminary casting; in February the semifinals and the final which will decide the nine artists who, together with the great selected, will perform on February 19th in the final, during which the jury will announce the winner. For the Big category there will be no selections but invitations by Media Evolution: the nine Big selected, as well as the competitors identified by the final of the Emerging category, will be able to freely choose the song to be interpreted at the final, which will see nine Emerging and as many in the race. Great. (HANDLE).