Daisy launches credit card

The Daisy brand, which is owned by Northmill, will soon be launching a credit card. The card is stated to be a “completely unique credit card with lots of benefits”. But so far, there is no information on what these benefits consist of.

In 2019, several new credit cards and bank cards were launched in Sweden. One month ago, for example, the credit card Supreme Card Classic came and Bynk has had a major marketing campaign about their upcoming debit card. Soon, Daisy will also fight for the card customers.


The benefits are not yet official

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The website does not yet show what benefits their credit card will have. Through the support, they say that “information about the card will be coming soon via our own channels”. They also mention that the card will be “very competitive”.

Daisy describes the credit card with the fact that it will have “lots of benefits, cashbacks and insurance” . However, no information about the benefits is provided.


Rapid expansion of Northmill

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In May 2019, Northmill launched the first Daisy brand service, Daisy Reduce. A service that means that users take cards on their invoices from loans, credit cards and installments. By looking at the person’s existing costs, they try to offer an improved condition. If they fail to offer better conditions, they give $ 300 as “comfort”. In this way, the service is partly similar to Anyfin, which even though they do not provide new loans but only offer improved loan terms.

With Daisy, Northmill also takes a clear step into the market for larger private loans. The interest rates offered are 4.69% to 24.95%. It is significantly lower than what is given by their other brands, which are found within SMS loans, such as Creditgo Freedom Lend and Credit Express.

In July, the service was expanded with Daisy Reward. A service that means that the borrower automatically receives a lower interest rate each month, provided that payment is made on time on the loan. In August, payment insurance was launched for their loans.

In the fall or winter, so will their credit card. A credit card with “lots of benefits, cashbacks and insurance” . As a result, they are taking another step in the private economy and are soon offering both SMS loans, private loans and credit cards within their various brands.

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